Additional Vendor Information

       All spaces are approximately 10'x10' and will be outdoors.  We will be set up inside the big baseball field to the left of the road coming towards the park. For those that came last year, it will be in the same location.  There is no shade at the baseball field, so we suggest you bring your canopy. You will also need to bring your own table and chairs.  We will also have food trucks set up on this side. Wristbands will NOT be required for vendors or food trucks.  

     Also know that we only allow one vendor for each business/brand in order to give our vendor shoppers a variety of items and also out of respect for the vendors that we have. If you register and there has already been someone from the same company/business register, I will call you and let you know. We will except whomever has registered and submitted payment first.


     Wristbands will be available once you arrive if you would like to get into the other events during Bronteoberfest such as the cook off, beer/wine, live music, other activities and the big concert Saturday night!